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1st FM is a Facilities Management company that provides on-site management for commercial and residential spaces. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best service, from general maintenance to lease administration. We offer a variety of services, with an emphasis on providing clarity in all aspects of managing your property.

Get the right Help to manage your property

Our team consists of licensed professionals who have years of experience dealing with everything from routine maintenance issues to large scale projects.

Facilities Management At Its Best

Our Mission

At 1st FM we are committed to delivering the highest quality customer care at competitive rates while maintaining excellent relationships and exceeding expectations for every client interaction.

Timing is Key

It is said that “time waits for no man”. In the world of facilities management, this saying rings true. Deadlines are crucial in this industry whether it be the procurement of supplies and services or ensuring that adequate provision is made for emergency and out of hours using a 24/7 helpDesk; 1st FM have you covered.

The future Of Facilities Management

The future of Facilities Management is one that is constantly changing and evolving. All industry has seen major shifts in the way facilities are managed, with an increased emphasis on green buildings, sustainability, and efficiency. We will ensure that we stay ahead of the curve and provide you with the best possible service.

loyalty as a core value

Like us, some of the most successful companies in the world such as giants Amazon, and Toyota have built their success on a foundation of loyalty to their customers. When you purchase a product or service from one of these brands, it is not just about what you buy but how they treat your relationship with them.


Connecting With The Client is Our Starting Point

"It's important to get to know your client. Once you connect and understand their needs, then you can go in with a plan." Our goal is simple: we want our clients to feel confident they're getting the best service available.


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

We are a prestigious and trustworthy company, with an extensive number of years of experience in the industry. We offer all of our clients a professional service from start to finish, making sure that no detail is left out.


We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

Professionalism is a core value that we believe in at 1st FM. Our team members are always committed to delivering the best service possible for our clients every day, and they never let anything get in their way.


Creativity and Innovation

Keeping up with the trends in your industry can be a tough task. It may seem like you have to stay on top of everything but that's where we come in. Let us do what we do best and manage for you!

you are in good hands

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